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APM- 40 Command & Control System

Emergency Analogue Transportable Telephone & PBX System

For Rapid Deployment - Battery Powered - Back Up Systems - Telephone Networking

APM-40 Disaster Recovery Emergency Telephone System, 2 lined network communications

Rapid deployment analogue network emergency communications solution for disaster situations

Transportable, quick role out 2 wire connections. Radio and PSTN interface

During a disaster, all electricity may be down and also telecommunications, including dedicated public safety networks (TETRA- or LTE-based). You might have some radio P2P connections, but it would be very difficult to build a network – a network that quickly and reliably connects the spots handling a disaster crisis: disaster task forces, Red Cross units, hospitals, logistics centers, fire departments, weather stations, and so on. APM-40 is a fast and reliable solution for establishing a comprehensive telephone network quickly and simply.

All you need is a pair of copper/steel wires and several APM-40 telephone terminals. Each APM-40 terminal represents a simple building block of the network and may be strung along wires over seven kilometers long. APM is a fully decentralized system. Each APM-40 telephone terminal has embedded PBX and MUX functionality, which means you can gradually build a network of two to forty telephones without any need for a centralized unit.

The network makes it possible to carry on seven duplex voice conversations at the same time over one pair of copper/steel wire. It also allows conference calls and many PBX functionalities.

APM-40 is powered by standard AA batteries providing 86 hours of off hook talk time and 1 Year standby, or locally (with solar panels and rechargeable batteries), which ensures total independence from the electricity network. Furthermore, it is possible to make connections (via a special APM-40/I interface unit) to another APM network, to a PSTN network, and to radio stations. APM 40 is a comprehensive, easy to – install, and easy-to-use means for establishing a voice communication network under exceptional circumstances.

Quickly established and efficient communication between disaster relief forces enables them to fulfill their responsibilities to alleviate the suffering and damage caused by disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes. APM-40 system also has many applications in other fields: refugee camps, large building sites, tunnels, mines, caves, sports, and other major events.


Network Configurations

connection diagram diagram APM-40 Portable Emergency Phone System Battery Operated


Housing and IDC Connection Box

AMP40 - Emergency disaster telephone system pbx portable and battery operated

Main features and specifications

Type of equipmentIntegrated analogue phone and Multiplexer system.
Application: For humanitarian organizations, civil protection and disaster relief (flood, earthquake, tornado, fire, epidemic etc.), when there is a need for very fast and simple establishing communication between different points.
Medium: 1 copper/steel pair. Max distance: 7 km in line topology (may be extended with Repeater up to 14 km), 14 km in ring topology Topology: Line or ring.
Connection manipulation: Distributed, by means of keyboard (no switchboard needed).
Type of conversation: Duplex conversation, conference call, broadcast simplex call. Type of call: Selective, priority, call-back, broadcast, conference, priority conference.
Max number of units connected to one copper pair: 40 (devices uniformly distributed on line). Max. number of users in conference: 10. Powering: 6 x AA batteries 86 hours off hook talk time. (4 x C batteries as an option). Optional local powering: 9-25 V DC (200 mA). Works with any polarity. May be powered directly by solar panel or solar rechargeable batteries pack option.
Speaker mode operation: Yes, with integrated high quality waterproof speaker. Address setting: By means of 2 rotary switches (or by configuration file by means of USB port). SW upgrade: By means of configuration file (USB port or optionally Bluetooth).
Housing: High resistance polycarbonate plastic box with detachable cover. IP grade: IP-67 ( IP67 ). Colour: by RAL standard. Dimensions: 21,3 x 28,8 x 10 cm. Weight: 2,9 kg. Operating temperature range: -20°C to +85°C. Interface unit APM-40/I (gateway) available in the same housing and supporting: PSTN, radio, another APM-40 network. All 3 interfaces in one box at the same time!

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