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Terms and Conditions

  1. Quotation Validity
  2. Order Acceptance
  3. Currency Fluctuations
  4. Modifications and Changes
  5. Cancelled Pre-Paid Orders
  6. Payment
  7. VAT
  8. Delivery
  9. Exportation
  10. After Sales
  11. Repair or Replacement of faulty goods
  12. Acorn Monitoring Terms

1. Quotation Validity:

For 30 days from date of quotation.

2. Order Acceptance:

We reserve the right to accept or reject any job without providing an explanation. Orders placed in accordance with our payment terms are subject to confirmation of acceptance by Acorn Monitoring,

3. Currency Fluctuations:

For products which we supply that are sourced from outside of the UK. Currency rates are valid on the date of the quotation and order acceptance, any currency fluctuations greater than 2.5% between purchase order, acceptance and delivery will be added to the invoice.

4. Modifications and Changes:

Modifications and /or changes to proposed items may increase or decrease the price to purchaser. Modifications and/or changes will be mutually agreed by the purchaser and Acorn Monitoring prior to commencement of work requested. Purchaser must meet all commitments including payment of further invoices according to the proposed modification costings.

5. Cancelled Pre-Paid Orders:

Orders paid for in advance of delivery and subsequently cancelled before delivery may be subject to a cancellation charge to compensate for any costs incurred on work accomplished prior to the time of cancellation. In the unlikely event that an order is cancelled 50% of the invoice value will be payable.

6. Payment:

Advance by BACs / Cheque / Proforma invoice issued or online with Secure Paypal and Paypal Express.

7. VAT:

Subject to 20% for UK deliveries.

8. Delivery:

Delivery of goods is quoted at 2 weeks upon receipt of payment, however, the actual lead-time may be subject to change at any given time. Acorn Monitoring shall not be liable for failure to deliver goods on the quoted date occasioned by causes beyond our control.

All goods are carefully and strictly inspected and packaged prior to dispatch. Deliveries of goods to the purchaser’s quoted address, unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to order acceptance. Customer can pre-arrange collection from Acorn Monitoring Offices if preferred.

9. Exportation:

Export Customers responsible for all export / import duties and local taxes.

10. After Sales:

After sales support provided by Acorn Monitoring.

11. Repair or Replacement of faulty goods:

12, 18 or 24 months manufacturer warranty provided under the terms and conditions of the manufacturer.

12. Acorn Monitoring Terms:

Acorn Monitoring Ltd terms & conditions apply.

Acorn Monitoring Ltd holds title to all goods & services supplied until payment in full is received.

Acorn Monitoring Ltd accepts no responsibility and will not be held liable for any damage or consequential losses for goods and services supplied.

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