Public, Industrial and Emergency Telephone Communications

Industrial, SOS & Public Help Points

Corrosion Resistant, Vandal Resistant and IP65-IP66 Waterproof

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APM40 Rapid Deployment

Intelligent Rapid Rollout Self-Networking Telephones - Network Recovery Solutions for Emergencies & Disaster's

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ATEX Certified Telephones

Intrinsically Safe, Designed for the Harshest of Environments. RoSH, IP66-IP67, CE and FCC Compliant

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IP66-67 Weatherproof Call Points

IP66-IP67 Weatherproof, Vandal Proof & Robust Analogue, SIP VoIP or 3G GSM

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Vandal Proof Telephones

IP65 Watertight & Tamperproof, For Prisons and Locations Prone to Theft or Vandalism

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Industrial Telephones, Intercoms, Call Points & Acoustic Hoods

We are the UK Supplier partner of J & R Telephones, a world leading manufacturer of telephone communications, predominately designed for emergency, industrial and public application.

Weatherproof Telephones

A large range of IP66 & IP67 weatherproof telephones and Emergency Telephones, designed for harsh industrial environments.

Made from strong cast aluminium with vandal resistant features. Watertight, suitable for wet, corrosive, dirty conditions, as reliability will not be compromised. Choice of standard industrial telephones, emergency telephones and auto-dialling hotlines with multi call buttons. Flashing beacons, hearing aid inductive loops and relays all available.

Intrinsically Safe ATEX Approved Telephones

EX Approved, IK10 shock proof and IP66 or IP67 watertight, industrial ATEX telephones and hotlines.

Optional extended broadcasting features compromising of external horns and LED flashing beacons. For internal or external application where exposure to explosive gas & particles, high humidity, corrosive liquids and extreme temperature changes are common.

Emergency & Assistance Telephone Help Points

Vandal proof floor mounted telephone pillars and emergency solar powered telephones.

Full protection against weathering, corrosive environments and adverse temperatures. Call points designed for industrial service, emergency SOS, disability and general assistance. Optional battery powered, solar powered, mains powered or lined powered.

Heavy Duty Intercoms

Hands-free wall mounted Full duplex intercoms

Made of steel with features to suit many applications. Watertight and Weatherproof IP54-IP66 with vandal resistant features. Available to analogue, VoIP SIP, 3G GSM or 4G LTE networks. Option for door entry relays, PIN controlled, push-to-call auto diallers or with full keypads. Customisation to a point-to-point solution, with no central governance is available on demand.

Command & Control - Rapid Deployment Emergency Telephones

Telephones for disaster planning, emergencies, crisis and events management.

Re-establish communications with a simple and rapid roll-out. Optional battery, solar or mains powered, the APM-40 with a radio and PSTN interface, acts as a PBX gateway networking up to 40 AMP-40 telephones on a single network when simply wired in parallel with a 2 wire twisted pair, no central governance required. The APM40/I provides connections between secondary APM40 networks, to PSTN Networks and radio stations. Tele management and communication recording also available.

Broadcasting Telephones & Hotlines

IP66 weatherproof telephones designed for use in heavy industrial, noisy environments such as tunnels, factories & plants.

Made from cast aluminium, offering high resistance to corrosive atmospheres, weathering, dust and moisture ingress. Options include; autodialling telephones and speakerphones, flashing LED call beacons and adjustable ringer or amplifying horn, with option for broadcasting on dial-up. Hearing loops and DTMF activated relays also available.

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