Public, Industrial and Emergency Telephone Communications

Weatherproof Broadcasting Phone with Horn and Beacon

Robust, Cast Aluminium Push-to-Call Hotline or Tunnel Phone

Call Us: 555-555-1234

3G GSM, Analogue or VoIP SIP

IP66 Watertight, Vandal Resistant, Non-Corrosive and Rugged

Broadcasting Telephones

Versions - Wireless 3G GSM / Analogue / VoIP SIP

Model: AJR102-SC-HB

  • Metal Call Buttons Programmable for Speed Dialling
  • Robust, Non-Corrosive Cast Aluminium Housing
  • Weather Protection Rated IP66 - IP67 On-Demand
  • Powered PoE, Analogue Line or 12v DC Mains
  • Vandal Resistant Handset with Steel Armoured Cord
  • Simple Installation with Tamper Proof Fixings
  • Internal Relays Available On-Demand
  • Non-Volatile Memory
  • Programmable for Speed-Dialling
  • Fault Detection & Status Reporting
  • Disabled Assistance - Hearing Induction Loop
  • Customised Labelling or Silk Printing
  • IP66, RoSH, CE & FCC Compliant - 24 Month Warranty

  • IP66 weatherproof industrial broadcasting emergency speakerphone with hands-free call button red flashing beacon light and loud horn
    emergency telephone door closed casing

    Broadcasting Features

    JRTEL Broadcasting Telephone Call Repeater and Sounder Amplifier Horn

    Loud Ringer and Horn

    Designed for high noise environments to amplify the general call ringing (up to 110dB / optional 1-9 rings). The horn is an external component wired and powered directly from the telephone, designed for wall mounting. A further feature, on demand, allows the phone to auto-answer the incoming call for announcement over the loudspeaker, the auto-answer feature is adjustable

    JRTEL Broadcasting Telephone Call LED Flashing Red Beacon Call LED Light

    Optical LED Beacon

    The LED beacon begins to flash when the telephone is ringing or in use (optional). The beacon is a separate module, wired and powered directly from the telephone. Option to wall mount at a custom range. Choice of colours; green, amber, blue or red.

    ----- Silk Printing and Permanent Vinyl Labels -----

    FREE Customised Permanent Adhesive Labels and LOW COST Factory Silk Printing.

    Simply tell us what you want and we will provide you with the best solution.

    customised printing or permanent logos onto telephones and call points

    Weatherproof Series

    Weatherproof, Vandal proof and Reliable, just a few reasons why Weatherproof Series Telephones reach out to a large range of industries requiring service, emergency or backup communications.

    Single Button Autodialling Telephone

    Available in the following models; Analogue, VoIP SIP, 3G or 4G Wireless (SIM). The telephone is programmable for speed dialling with a non-volatile memory. To receive a call, simply lift magnetic handset off the receiver.

    Weatherproof Hands-Free Telephone with Door Enclosure - IP67 as Standard

    Weatherproof Series Telephones for application within a diverse temperatures -25 to +70 deg C. The loud ringer is adjustable up to 95dB (VoIP / GSM) and 80DB (Analogue). Additional external ringers / repeaters and LED flashing beacons for use in extreme ambient noise zones are available. The IP67 Watertight Rating conforms to EN60529, guarantees optimum performance in uncompromising environments, even when the door is open. Full Duplex, High Quality Acoustic Properties, adjustable during installation or remotely; DTMF, Web Interface or Text Message (Version Dependent).

    External features designed to alleviate opportunity for vandalism

    The circuitry is fully contained within a solid sealed cast aluminium case with vandal proof external features inclusive of anti-tamper screws and metal call button.

    Internal Relay's

    Up to 2 internal relays are available to the VoIP telephone as standard, however the Analogue Version can be customised to include 2 relays upon request. Remote users can enter PIN codes via telephone keypad for remote actions, such as, door / gate open, sound an alarm, switch on a camera / light etc.

    Disable Assistance Fitted Hearing Loop Technology

    Induction Loop Technology is fitted to the telephone handset to provide assistance for hard of hearing users.

    Simple to Setup and Maintain

    Programming by way of DTMF for analogue networks and powered by analogue line. The VoIP SIP version is powered by PoE. 3G or 4G GSM versions are powered by 12V mains adaptor and setup remotely by SMS text. Message status reporting also available to a dedicated mobile number (SMS), this is very simple to setup and manage. Options available to set the maximum call time between 1-250 minutes.

    Choice of Colours

    Industrial high-performance epoxy powder coating in RAL1023 yellow as standard. Other RAL colours are available up-on request.

    Need a Self-Powering or Free-Standing Pillar

    Self-Powering and Free-Standing options available. Option for 30-60 day rechargeable battery powered with external battery box or mounted to a JRTel Pillar or Post. 3G Solar Powered Towers also available

    FC - This mark indicates compliance with FCC Part 15 Subpart B Class B

    CE - This mark indicates compliance with the: Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive 2004/108/EC

    Analogue Version
    Power Supply Analogue Telephone Network
    Supply Voltage 24 VDC to 65 VDC
    Supply Current 20 mA DC to 100 mA DC
    Ringer Volume 90dB(A) at 1m. 110dB(A) at 1m with external horn speaker
    Dialing Method DTMF mode in accordance with ITU-T recommendation Q.23.
    SIP Version
    Power Supply PoE or 12V DC
    Power Consumption Idle:1.5W-Active:1.8W
    SIP Protocol SIP 2.0 (RFC3261)
    Support Codec G.711A/u, G.7231 high/low, G.729, G.722,G.726
    Echo Cancellation Echo cancellation: Support G.168 and hand-free supports 96ms
    Communication Type Full Duplex
    Ringer volume 90~95dB(A) at 1m. 110dB(A) at 1m (external horn speaker)
    3G Version
    Power Supply 12V DC or Rechargeable Battery
    Power Consumption Idle:0.3W - Active: 1.5W
    Communication Type Full Duplex
    Ringer Volume 90~95dB(A) at a distance of 1m
    Program Method Remote Programming by SMS
    A version: Dual-Band WCDMA/HSDPA 850/1900MHz / Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    E version Dual-Band UMTS/HSDPA 900/2100MHz / Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    J version Dual-Band UMTS/HSDPA 850(800)/2100MHz / Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    Ambient Conditions
    Protection Type IP67, Conforms to EN60529
    Operating Temperature -25°C to +70°C
    Storage Temperature -25°C to +85°C
    Unit Size: 204 *334 *126(mm)
    Gross Weight 6KG

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