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Emergency Costal SOS Telephone Tower with Lifebuoy

Weatherproof - Vandal Resistant - Non-Corrosive

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Weatherproof Emergency SOS Rescue Tower

4G / GSM solar powered with back-up battery

Harbour / Port / Beach / Call Tower

Model: OneUP SOS Tower

  • Wireless 4G LTE
  • Autodial functionality with two call buttons
  • x3 reusable inflatable lifebuoys behind 3mm tempered glass
  • Sensor alarm to alert Coastguard / Emergency Services
  • Solar powered with backup rechargeable batteries
  • Robust non-corrosive SUS 304 stainless-steel Structure
  • Vandal proof throughout
  • LED light and flashing beacon to signal emergency call
  • Weather Protection Rated IP65
  • Simple installation and easy to maintain
  • Non-volatile memory, programmable for speed-dialling
  • Protected against extreme weather conditions
  • Remote programming and monitoring by SMS
  • Choice of customised labelling and colours
  • RoSH, CE & FCC Compliant - 24 Month Warranty

  • The OneUp SOS Tower is a 4G solar powered station that is unequally designed to alert, alarm and saves lives in the event of an emergency. The station quickly connects the user to the emergency services whilst raising the alarm locally with a flashing beacon and sounder. The station also houses up to three inflatable lifebuoys, this is a rapid lifesaving solution with multi-function use.

    During the event of an emergency, the alarm is raised by smashing a 3mm tempered glass panel using the attached tool, the call station then leaves it's state of standby and springs into action by sounding a warning alarm along with a flashing optical light. The tower is (optionaly) pre-programmed to call's a dedicated number with hands-free functionality. Two push-to-call LED call buttons are available for speed-dialling to emergency services, coastguard, call centre, etc....

    A cost-effective solution that saves lives, the OneUp inflatable lifebuoys are accessed from behind the tempered glass panel, these are a re-usable solution that self-inflate on touching water. The design size and weight means the buoy can be thrown easily at distance whilst not been affected by strong wind or currents.

    floor mounted watertight IP65 emergency call tower with emergency flashing warning beacon
    floor mounted watertight IP65 emergency call tower with emergency flashing warning beacon
    sos external autodial emergency call point with led emergency beacon
    About OneUp Lifebuoys

    The OneUp lifebuoy is essentially an inflatable lifebuoy with a CO2 cartridge that inflates during contact with water. During the event of an emergency, the Lifebuoys are easily accessible, located behind 3mm tempered glass, the glass is smashed using the tool located on the side of the tower to gain access to up to 3 lifebuoys. The lifebuoys are small and compact, a perfect size and weight for accuracy when they are easy to throw over long distances, without being affected by strong winds or currents. The OneUp lifebuoys are reusable, simply swap the CO2 cartridge after each inflation.

    Emergency Call Station

    The One Up emergency Totem is a full duplex handsfree intercom located behind tempered glass with 2 emergency speed-dial LED buttons for speed-dialling coast guard, police or emergency control room etc.. , A 3rd red LED button is used to stop the buzzer and flashing light, which sounds and flash when the tempered glass is broken

    Emergency Protocol - Call Station with Smart Reporting

    The tempered glass senser detects the glass is broken and the alarm and light immediately begin to sound and flash. At the same time the intercom leaves its state of standby and begins to search for a GPRS signal, once found the system begins to call the number attached to button 1, the intercom also sends an emergency SOS txt message to a dedicated number. The alarm stops during the emergency call, however, the beacon continues to flash for up to 30 minutes. Button 1 and 2 are then available for the user to make further calls to the attached numbers.

    The initiation process to reset the call point involves replacing CO2 cartridge and salt filter and re-assembling according to OneUp lifebuoy instruction process. Any broken tempered glass is to be removed and replaced by a new 3mm pane of glass. Once replaced, the tower is re-started automatically and a report is automatically generated and sent to the dedicated report number by SMS to confirm the main function are ok, the Totem then enters it's standby state.

    4G LTE, Solar Powered and Battery Backup

    The intercom communicates using a micro sized SIM card and is open to all 4G network providers. The solar panel is located into the structure of the tower, not visible, this reducing the likelihood of vandalism occurring. The solar panel feeds direct into a 12V lithium backup battery which is located within the tower. It is recommended that installation is carried out within location open to direct sun light, preferably up to 8 hours per day. Status reporting of battery level is available by SMS to a dedicated number.

    Non-corrosive and vandal resistant

    Made from SUS 304 stainless-steel with a Pantone 185C painted finish, the stand is non-corrosive structurally robust and offers increased resistance against vandalism, ensuring communications are maintained at all times. The tower is supplied with a 4 year body defect warranty,

    IP65 Weather Resistant

    With an operating temperature range -30 to +65 deg. C, the weatherproof IP65 rating conforms to EN60529, for internal or external application.

    Floor Mounting

    Direct ground mounting with foundation or expansion bolts. The frame is supplied with four bolt holes pre-drilled into the base

    Choice of Colours

    The call point is supplied as standard with a Pantone 1855 epoxy painted finish however, other options available on demand.

    24 Months Warranty

    Intercom - 24-months Manufacturer Defect Warranty, structure - 48-months Manufacturer Defect Warranty. Extended warranty available on request.


    FC - This mark indicates compliance with FCC Part 15 Subpart B Class B

    CE - This mark indicates compliance with the: Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive 2004/108/EC

    Analogue Version
    Main Material SUS304 Stainless Steel
    Glass Material Tempered Glass 3mm
    Color 185C Panton (Red)
    Connection 4G/GPRS
    Weight 43 KG
    Buoy Contained 3 OneUP Lifebuoys
    Reusable Yes
    Card Type
    Micro SIM Idle:1.5W/ Active:1.8W
    Body Warranty 4 Years
     Electronic Warranty 2 Years
    Ambient Conditions
    Protection Type IP65, Conforms to EN60529
    Operating Temperature -30°C to +70°C
    Storage Temperature -40°C to +75°C
    Unit size: / Carton Size: 1870x 340x 340 (mm) 1970x 500x 410 (mm)
    Net weight 43 KG
    Gross Weight 65KG
    M.T.B.F. Calculated to have an M.T.B.F. in excess of 50,000 hours in use

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